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  1. Ohio Vermilion River

    So I have tomorrow off work. The weather isn't looking very nice for any of the places I usually fish here in MI. Just really don't feel like fishing in sideways rain and snow. So I decided I'm going to head out of state and do some exploring. Trying to stay ahead of the storm that is forecast to hit us looks like I can get a bout 6 hours more of decent fishing weather if I head to Ohio.

    I'm going to visit the Vermilion river. Already got an Ohio license and some maps. Anyone else ever been there? I've heard they get a lot of fish but they run a bit smaller in size than what we get here in MI.

    Anyone have any advice?


  2. Asian Carp

    So I was fishing the Kalamazoo River near Douglas/Saugatuck last weekend. While running my boat up the channel I was surprised to see 2 fish jump clear out of the water right next to my boat. They were silver and had forked tails. Not Steelhead or Salmon. Quite honestly while I've never actually seen one in real life they looked just like the pictures I've seen of those Silver Carp. They were about 20 inches long and both jumped clear out of the water right next to my boat.

    Seems weird to me. I can't say I've ever had fish jump out of the water in the wake right next to my boat like that. Especially in February.

    Is there any other fish that are silver with forked tails that might act this way this time of year?

    I'm really hoping they weren't Asian Carp.

  3. Since no one else is responding,

    I'm not a big lake fishermen per say but I do a lot fishing around the piers and surf.

    I picked up a new G Loomis EX6 this past summer. It is advertised as being an excellent "mooching" rod. Don't know about all that. I got it for fishing the pier and surf. Its 10'6" and has what I call a "surf style" butt section. ie...the butt section is quite long. Sounds like that's something you were looking for.

    What sold me on it is its so light, yet its strong. Not really a rod I would use for drift fishing because the butt section is too long and makes it uncomfortable for that type of fishing. I have used it to cast spoons but mostly I got it for fishing slip rigs with alewives. For that it works perfectly. Nice and long and even though its extremely light weight it has a really strong spine. Handles big salmon really well. I like it :) 

  4. Last trip for 2016

    Hit the joe Friday for my last trip of 2016. Didn't turn out great. I got the skunk. Oh well. At least I didn't have to clean fish right?

    The river is in great shape. Water is up and visibility is about 1 to 2 ft.  

    All in all 2016 wasn't a bad year for me. It was certainly better than 2015. Looking forward to 2017. Hoping this will be the year of huge steelhead and lots of 20 fish days :)

    Happy New Year everyone!

  5. Guess I could add a little information, sorry I was really tired when I got home last night.

    Fished the St Joe. Water is low and fairly clear for the Joe. The fishing was not the best. Got this male using wax worms and a corky. Worked really hard for one fish. Pretty sure it wasn't exactly worth it, but I'd probably do the same if I had it to do over again. I'm weird that way :)




  6. I was watching the "outdoor chef" this morning and he made a recipe for salmon wasabi balls. Looked yummy. Not sure how my stomach would do with the spicy wasabi sauce but maybe just tone it down a bit and I'd be okay. Worth a try.

    Westwind, I like your idea of freezing the fish in Italian dressing. I might have to give that a try :) 

  7. Just curious, I plan on using my boat all winter. It has a mercury 40hp 4 stroke motor.

    Do any of you use your outboards during below freezing conditions and if so do you do anything special to keep it safe?

    In the past I've used my outboards all winter without any problems. But this is my first 4 stroke.

  8. Fished my favorite north east trib yesterday. Got three fresh chromers :) All 3 came on eggs. Fished the lower and mid sections. Water has a good stain on the lower stretches but gin clear in the middle sections. I found my fish in the mid sections and all three came from log jams close to the bank. Tough fishing. I had to do a lot of retying. Lost my favorite hot and tot :(


    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


    Go Lions!


  9. Skipped a week last week as I let all the fish I caught go. This weekend I kept a fresh coho. So having fish for dinner tonight.

    Maybe when I die I will give my body over to science so they can study the effects of eating a lot of fish :) 

    Incidentally the coho was a hen and her eggs were still tight in skein. Her belly was bright white so she hadn't been in the river long. I'm thinking at this rate there will still be Salmon spawning into December and beyond.  Sure is a weird year.


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