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  1. Saw this on mlive but all they said was the man was from WI. Thats a trip.

    The lake has been weird this fall. The water level is high. It only takes a little wind to wash over the breakers. 

    Fishing the south peir at St Joe I think I could beach fish without a net out towards the end of the peir. And the south pier at manistee on the lake side I used to stand and fish from the rocks. Now I get nervous standing on the lower edge of the concrete foote. The rocks are completely submerged, and the concrete foote is covered in slimmy slippery algae.  Waves regularly wash over it and is difficult to climb back up to upper level due to the algae. 



  2. Made a trip to the east side yesterday. Fishing from the bank. Didn't have a lot of time to fish maybe 6 hrs at most. Went 1 for 3 on steelhead. Some bait robbers kept steeling my eggs and I never did manage to get one on long enough to see what they were. Had a few on long enough to know they were small. If I was on the west side I'd figure they were young trout but I rarely ever catch young trout on the Ausable. Kinda thinking small walleyes but who knows. 

    At any rate it sure felt good to finally catch some steel again. It's been toooooo long!

    I may have a grumpy look on my face in the pic, but trust me I was extremely happy to get this fish landed. Had fresh fish for breakfast and getting ready to have some for dinner :)




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  3. So I've been fishing every friday since labor day weekend. Mostly up north on the BM.

    I can't buy a steelhead! 

    Up till this past friday I was at least getting salmon. Not my target species to say the least but it was somethin. 

    Last friday I couldn't even hook one of those. 

    Now I know some guys are going to say its early, etc... but I been fishing many years now. I don't remember the last time I didn't already catch quite a few steelhead by the end of oct. 

    Something weird going on this year. Either I'm cursed, (entirely possible), or there just aren't many steelhead this year. 

    I'm fixen to go again this friday. Sooner or later I got to get into some. Nov is usually I good time for fishing. 

    If fish aren't running good by the 15th I'm thinking something is not good with the steelies. 

  4. Thought I would see if I could find any Steelhead in the Joe. But no Steel for me. Pretty much just fed the Channel Cats. They were actually a bit annoying. 

    Did hook one King, but couldn't get the net on him. Had a couple other quick jerks but no solid hook ups. Like said though, probably 25 Channel Cats? I lost count.

    River is low. And in my opinion still too warm.But you never know. I took my wife here many years ago the it was last week in sept, water was low and mid 60s, she took her biggest Steelhead she's ever caught. I had it mounted, 17lbs! So you just have to go. You never know what will happen. 

    Anyway heading north next friday. Steelheads got to show up soon!

  5. Just got back from 3 days on the river. Can't say I tore them up but did ok for me.

    Got one nice male and a decent female. They were very fresh. Lost a few as well.

    River has quite a few fish but have to be patient to find the biters. They are really spread out in the lower river. Mostly hiding in the logs.

    More fish in the upper sections. Fresher fish in the lower. Big pods in the upper but frustrating they don't want to bite. The fun fish are in the lower sections. 

    My dog fell overboard yesterday morning. That was a bit scary. It was heavy current and deep water. I managed to grab his collar and wrapped my other arm around under his frt legs and rolled him into the boat. Everything was soaked. He thought it was great :)



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  6. Fished the south pier at mansitee friday morning. The lake side was very cold water. The river side was surprisingly cool as well but not as cold as the lake. 

    Fishing was so so. I hooked two very large fish myself but couldn't get them netted. Broke them off in the rocks. Friend got a really nice male. 25lbs!

    Boats seemed to be doing fare. Mostly getting fish from right off the end of the pier. Not gang busters but every so often they would hit fish. 

    Wind picked up and I had to leave. Went down to Ludington and same story there. Waves coming over the piers.

    Did some exploring up in the river. Pere Marquette. Surprised to find a few fresh salmon in the river. But no biters.

    Headed down to the white river pier just to check it out. Waves were really big by this time. Guys surfing in wet suits. Water much warmer than up at Manistee. No fish seen. Pretty much no one fishing. Worked some lures but nothing hapenning. 

    Did manage to get me some eggs from some nice boat anglers. 

    Heading up for a trip here in a couple weeks. Looking forward to autumn!

  7. Good report!

    I have to stay close to home right now as my daughter is about to give birth to our 2nd grandbaby. She is due any day and I have to be ready to watch my grandson when she goes into labor.

    Hopefully the Cohos stay in close for a couple more weeks. And don't catch them all make sure to leave me at least a couple! :)

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