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  1. Wire divers were hot for me also. After learning the meat program and adding wire divers to my spread it greatly increased my catch rate. My light line rigs also caught their fair share. I no longer runs spoons on line heavier than 15lb, but still keep my flasher/fly rigs on 20lb+. I find I get alot of line twist with flasher/flies on the light lines.

  2. I agree, that is an excellent job of fabrication!!!

    My only concern would be the exhaust pipe as a rust magnet.

    I made 24 rod holders out the same stuff and have yet to see any rust show up. Even after a season with the boat in a slip. I had the radar arch powder coat primed and then painted over the powder prime. That powder coat seems to seal up that steel pretty good.

  3. Looks awesome Nate! Damn yoopers are crafty:thumb:

    Now get that thing out and give us some of those great keweenaw bay reports i have been hearing about. Seems like guys are doing better out of KB than they are out of southern lake michigan ports. I wish it were a little closer.

    Heading up Friday PM til Saturday AM. The weather isn't looking very nice but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Were did great up there 4/10. 4 man limit by noon.:grin:


    And didn't do too bad 4/18.


  4. Well I finally finished welding, painting and mounting the new radar arch yesterday. It was alot of work, but WELL worth it. I'm VERY happy with how it turned out and it fits like a glove. :thumb: Adding one more rod holder to each side and need to wire the light up to have it 100% done. I made it out of 1-3/4" exhaust tubing.






  5. Poverty Gap

    This pic was taken about 30minutes before the worst storm I have ever been on the water for. I hesitate to say I was scared...but Nervous as hell forsure! The fish were biting and we decided to stay....boy did we pay!

    Great pics Big Tuna! I'll see ya down there next Summer! :)

    Did it happen to be 6-28-08? Here is a picture of us leaving port. Probably wasn't the smartest thing. Had to hide behind Big Summer until it passed.


  6. yup, made a 10# batch for the Super Bowl and man were they great.

    Well??? Did any of you try making these yet?? Oh well...I'm off to go ice fishing today. Fried up bluegills with au gratin taters for dinner!!:no:grin:
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