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  1. I have canned my salmon in a pressure cooker, both fresh and smoked and neither turns out mushy, I would not recommend using any other method other than pressure canning on salmon though, whether it is fresh or smoked.

  2. There are days when you cant keep a meat rig in the water, but the flasher and teasers are the important thing, need the right color.

    I have real good luck with the Jon King Black and white glow paddle with the red eye and red teasers.

  3. I have been using an electric winch on my SeaRay 270 Amberjack for about 3 years and it went to pieces the last time out last summer.

    It is going to cost more for parts to repair than I paid for it ($400) so I am thinking of going back to a hand crank winch, but I don't want something that doesn't do the job when I am loading the boat at 11 at night after a day of fishing. I usually trailer the boat every time I fish so a good winch that will make this job as easy as possible would be the ticket.

    Any good suggestions? I really liked the electric winch, didn't even have to get in the water, but it was the heaviest one I could find and over time it just gave out.


  4. over yonder here a staple is john kings black mamba w/ red twinkies and meat head, it just seems to always catch fish....

    I use the Black Mamba GLOW with the red and black twinkies and meat head, some days I can't keep it in the water. It is by far the best meat rig I have used.

  5. A friend gave me some canned salmon last year and it was enjoyed by all. I am thinking about buying a pressure cooker to try canning my own. Anyone have any experience, and/or canning recipes?

  6. I passed ypou in ludington saturday. I had to take my boat in to Johnsons to have some work done.

    Where did you get the plastic anti slip squares from in the boat.

    They were in the boat when I bought it, I think I have seen them in West Marine or Overtons. I think it is called DryDeck and they snap together.

  7. Finally got the Big Bobber back after having mechanical and body work done, as well as replacing the teak in the back of the boat with Plastic wood and having the aluminum rail refurbished.

    Also added a set of Big Jon trees that I purchased from Tony at Lord of the Riggers, very nice by the way.







  8. I am looking to add a pair of 3 or 4 rod trees for my planer board rods. What are some good options, and who has the best prices? I have looked at the Big Jon models online and I like the options they have like being able to rotate or remove the tree when not in use, but I would like to find out about other manufacturers products.

  9. I had a pleasant experience today. Last trip out last year my radar quit working, a couple of weeks ago I finally got it sent in to Furuno out on the West Coast and it came back today with no invoice or explanation of what the problem was. I called tech service and they said they had to replace a reed switch that was bad, and they put a newer model drive motor in that they said will give a significantly better return on my screen. I thought, oh man this is gonna hurt, but they said no charge and thank you for choosing Furuno.

    Don't hear that enough anymore.

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