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  1. hey thanks for the congrats. I hate to give you false information though. my job wasnt to be concerned where we were but to run the back of the boat and catch fish ya know. I did notice we were in front of the little sable lighthouse and to the south about a mile. Mostly in the 120 f.o.w. we stayed to the outside of the other boats that were fishing closer on the bank. i am sorry i dont have numbers for you. we just fished the temp break and sunday was different than saturday but mostly top 50 f.o.w was best. green and blue splatter back j plugs on 300 cooper. magnum chrome dipsey with glow ring 70-130 back on a 2 setting. black laser 11inch spin doctor with long fly leads (3-4ft) and meat rigs were goof too, the smaller orange label bait thats nearly impossible to find, we had a fun weekend though and look forward to coming back.

  2. your boat ready to hit the water? why dont you pick me up in davison and goto st. joe and get some coho's

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