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  1. Well finally got out again. Lake Trout saved our Bacon Both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we started inside off Rocky Gap and did not have a hit until we got out to 70FOW. First fish was a nice Coho on 6 Color. Stinger Orange killer. Then it went dead. Worked out to 90 FOW and was marking a lot of fish on the bottom. Put 2 riggers down and bounced the bottom with Green SpinDoc. 8", with a chartreuse red dot Spin N Glo , and A Mtn Dew E' Chip paddle with a green p-nut(Wobble Glo). Both pounding the sand, and about 6' behind the ball. Steady action once we got them going. Speed was critical 1.9 to 2.2 mph, the slower the better. Ended Saturday with 9 fish 4 Lake trout, 1 Coho land 4 small Kings (all kings released) Sunday Went straight out set lines in 80 FOW and trolled to 120, Stead action on Lake trout until we limited out on them, ( more small kings released). We did use some different tactis today. tried to catch some of the Kings we saw suspended around 80 down, but nothing doing. Finished our day Running in to the beach off the Chalets. and Picked up another Lake Trout (released) in 12FOW on a Stinger Orange Killer off a rigger down 9". Weather Great, Moon(Full) Go figure moon had to be an issue. My question is Where are all of the Salmon and Steelhead?

  2. Unfortunetly, I do most my viewing and reporting from my phone, Don't/ won't own a computer! Have one at work occasionally I get the time to get on. I have tried and tried to post pics. Been give the link on how to blah blah, I'm sure I'm an idiot and it can be done but I have been unsuccessful many many many times always get error message! So I don't even try anymore to post pics! But I do however tell everything I can. And I greatly appreciate all the help others have provided. I don't make it out that often but when I do they are really important trips, my kids (I'm divorced), Foster kids, Vets, Friends,Family. You folks plain and simple are the reason I catch any fish. Thats a fact! I don't need GPS cord! but every time I ask for FOW, whats hot, where to start depth wise, dipsey set backs ect. I get an answer every single time I ask every single time! Ussually its dead on! I thank you all for that! FOr my part I share everything I possibly can with the exception of pics so I try to explain in best detail! One of these days I will try to have some one better at this teach me how to upload photo's-- Prob one of my kids but I don't see them that much. I promise I will do what I can to provide correct in depth reports if I miss something or you want to know ask in a response and I will reply!

    Thank you all again many have helped me make many memories I otherwise wouldn't have with the one's near and dear to me! I truely hope to do the same for you.!

    CHeers Good LUck this season


    That is what I was getting at, we have always been an information first site. People like Dirty Dog, Jon Marvin, Priority 1 and Dave Ash have always posted good Information, Matt Mishler too gives great information about where and what he is catching fish on. I wish more Charters were like him. My question was meant to spark discourse and has done just that. My posts will continue to give depths speeds, pics when possible and When I jot them down GPS coordinates.

  3. This is great discussion, Tarrey(DirtyDog) I am sure u will post your reports like always. My point is that when Mike started GLF it was more user oriented, and now it is more commercially oriented. I still will post my reports for St.Joe, and will not post hero pics but pics of the baits and equipment that was successful. Frank gives some of the best Walleye reports for Lake Huron and I brought this to the site because of a conversation that Jon Marvin and I had Sunday.

  4. I have been a member of this site since 2006, and the site has lately turned into a Charter Boat brag board. We used to give information on conditions, tackle and post pics of our baits and where, how and what depth we were fishing. There is a small group of members that still do this, but Jon Marvin and I were discussing just this last Sunday. I can't speak for other members, but I miss the sharing of information.

    I hope we can get back to that. I will be posting all of the information I can, and for the time being I will refrain from the hero shot photos, and post only pics of the baits and rigs that were successful.

  5. Left the slip @ 8:AM, ran south to Churchill downs, and trolled to the Cook Plant, we had a lot of shaker kings and some Coho, Kept 1 steelhead about 4 lbs. and 4 coho, all total we were 9 for about 12, stinger orange killer on 2 and 4 color, and bomber long A orange all accounted for fish. Thanks for coming along Jon Marvin and Andy (Darkmind) kinda wish we had left earlier after that wind came up. However a great day to be on the water and another learning experience. Tight lines and good luck Jon.

  6. 2.7 to 3.0 depending on conditions, if I want to have control of the speed I put out a 48" sea anchor. If I go for Lake Trout or Walleye I use 2 bags. My boat has twin 454 chevys and on 1 motor no bags it will troll about 2.6 into the wind. 'The bags give me a lot of ability to work speed up and down. With 2 bags out I can easily troll 1.0 mph

  7. Another thing you can do is go to the sponsors link, Great Lakes Tackle Shop, they offer 100, 150,200,250,300,350, 400, and 450 coppers all pre measured. Really inexpensive. I highly recommend that when you have a tackle problem, that u check them and the other commercial sponsors of this site.

  8. Over 60 years ago my Grandfather used a plastic radiant spoon, same finish that is used on watch numerals to illuminate them and caught big rainbow trout on leadcore trolling. That was on a Washington state lake named Waits Lake, and he used those 1" to 11/2" spoons to match the minnows available in the lake. They worked really well. We did not understand speeds much then but the little 5 horse Martin motor trolled just about perfectly on a flat bottom plywood boat that was heavy and really stable.

    I really think that speed will be critical with these large spoons, but are they much lighter than the cheap NorthPort nailers we used to troll>

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