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  1. We usually use different flashers, either spin docs, I personally like echip flashers, out best this spring has been a mtn dew flasher with a home tied pickle sunshine fly and a green e'chip or spin doctor with a chartreuse red dot spin n glow or a chartreuse p'nut. Let you ball down till u get slack in the cable and bring it back to tight then raise it about 1 to 2 feet. If you aren't getting bit try slowing down, we have had to go as slow as 2 mph this spring, but normally 2.3 to 2.5 is good laker speed. Last week end we tried to stay within 1 foot of the sand, and that is where we got bit. Another good set up is a trash can Dodger with a P'nut, ( wobble glo) When the other stuff is silent I always put that combo down.

  2. The DNR has put a freezer for fish head donations at the St Joe city launch it is located on Anchors Way in St. Joe. Possibly one of the nicest launch facilities on the lake, Cleaning station, perch scaler and good safe parking. $5 per day parking fee, or $35 for a season pass that can be picked up @ the St Joe city hall.

  3. We managed to boat 6 today, 4 Lakers, 1 King and 1 Steelhead. I started straight out, in 80 FOW, and trolled SW and didn't have a sniff. at 11:00 my buddy Doug called me and said he found some fish in 75 FOW off of Stevensville. I trolled down that way and worked back into the 75 foot depth. Our first fish was a nice trout on a 10 color stinger orange killer. next came a Steelhead on the same spoon on a 4 color. Then we had a runner on 300 copper Stingray Lemon glow, 14# King. While netting that a rigger with green 8" echip and green spin n glo fired. Laker. 2 More lakers on 6 color and a 3 color 1 Green Dolphing Stingray, and the other on a modified Blue dolphin stingers. The only bites came on a south troll 2.4 to 2.5 at the ball, a lot tougher today than last week. Water on the surface was 53degrees, and 39 on the bottom. there was a clear 5 degree temp break at 45' . Good luck will report again Tuesday weather permitting.

  4. Where are you located? Do you have a notebook, 12 pack, and gas money? Thumb a lift here, be respectful, ask good questions, and take notes. You'll learn more that way than online or at a seminar.

    Amen to that. I also recommend hooking up with guys here looking for riders. You can always learn a lot from riding along and taking notes. Most of the guys here are very good about equipment, and the where and how when they report. Shy away from the hero posts and watch the guys that catch fish day in and day out.

  5. I would double up on 225 and 300. These coppers are in the water most days for me.

    Dittto. I hate running the 450 coppers, it takes all the fun out of the fish. I catch more fish on the 225, and 300 bloodrun copper that on the other lengths. My spring setup doesn't even have copper in the mix. I use 2 to 10 colors, usually 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 colors and when I have to add copper I run the 225. Later in Summer when the fish are deeper I just put away the leadcore short cores until we go Steelhead fishing.

  6. I have fished up to 8 rods off of a 16' boat no problem, 3 boards per side and down riggers or dipsy presentations. The downriggers are kind of un necessary when in 16 Fow. or less, but riggers set 5 to 9 feet, clean mono with any rapala or bomber long A or jointed minnow, small spoons on 1, 2 and 3 color and you have an 8 rod presentation. It works. be sure to run your deepest (3)color closest to the boat, and your clean mono furthest out, u can run spoons on that too with a small pinch on weight. I now fish a lot more rods on my big boat, but we get into single digit water and catch browns weather permitting.

  7. We left the slip @ 6:15, ran out to 70 FOW and set lines on a 330 heading setup was 4 color, with a stinger orange killer, 6 color with the same, 2 10 colors with Stingers, anything orange, 2 300 copper with same spoons,riggers on the bottom with mtn dew echip and green glow echip mtndew with pickled sunshine fly and the green echip with a chartreuse red dot spin n glo. both e'chips were hot, made a troll out to 200, turned and came back thru the same wate. steady action right till we pulled lines. Speed 2.5 mph at the ball. Ended our day with 9 Trout and 4 Coho. Not bad for fishing in sporadic downpours.

    On top of that we had a finch hitch a ride out in the fog.

  8. The fact is that the small kings being caught are not fresh planters, those are still in the pens. The small kings being caught are natural reproduction, they all have all of their fins and are really all nice 10" kings. We have released about 25 of them so far, but I see charter boats keeping them. (That is a real shame).

    Sunday we will be pounding the St.Joe area and I believe we will still be on Lake trout. I talked to a fisheries guy and so far not much in the way of baitfish on the Michigan side. But I bet if we could get some Wisconsin guys to report they have baitfish all over. The last time we had this kind of spring shortage of bait, Wisconsin had em all.

  9. Jason Dick does want the riggers, he has tried to call you and not been able to connect, you can call him this evening after 6:00 PM and set up the transaction, I believe he is paypal setup and hope you guys can connect. If you want to contact me 269 929 4221, text or phone. I pm'd you on the number you gave me and also left voicemail, so you would get the message one way or another.


  10. Mike,

    Sat 5/2 started late about 7:30 ran stright out from the pierhead, stopped in 50FOW and trolled out. Had a sreamer on a Downrigger 25 ft down in 60 FOW using a SWR and Mixed Veggie spoon. Could not stop the fish and hook pulled out. Caught a Coho on a Firetiger Stick bait off a board about 9:00. Caught (2) small kings and released them. Sunday got an earlier start and went south. Started in 70 FOW and trolled out to 100. Another small king hit a 150 ft Copper off a board with a Green Dolphin UV spoon. Heard from a buddy that caught 2 Lakers in 70 FOW so we ran back in. Trolled till 10:30 when we got hit by 2 nice Kings again off Copper. Seems like the full moon really made an impact on fishing this past week-end.


    That was my thought, full moon and marking lots of silver fish with no takers. Moon was without a doubt a factor. Just sayin I have never had good fishing on a full moon.

  11. This is an awesome application, I bought one in March, and was playing with it until I got the 12v wiring set up on my Chris Craft. Used it the first time Sunday 5/3, and what a great GPS. No more paper logbook for me, and talk about easy to read charts. a full 13.5" screen, and lake charts built in, keep track of way points with log notes and real time eta and miles information. I now have an 8" screen depth fish finder and the big chart GPS.

    For the money the best electronics I have ever purchased.

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