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  1. Thanks for the blanks will take some pics after I get them painted and taped. They look almost exactly like the Pro King spoon.

  2. Jon, I got your message, I have been concerned about you and would love to get an update. You are welcome to come along next Sunday, please let me know your status. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. John:

    Boat is ready to fish if you are interested Sunday 8:30 at my slip, we are in slip 118 for the next couple of weeks.

  4. Frank:

    Thanks for getting me the Toughbook, it is awesome. I will be using it as soon as I splash the boat.

  5. John call me in ref Tuesday Fishing. Not looking too good, but we can kind of play it by ear. 929 4221

  6. John:

    Looking for fishermen for This Sunday the 24th, call me 269 929 4221 if you want to go.

  7. Andy:

    We are looking for fishermen for this Sunday. Let me know if you are interested. My cell is 269 929 4221

  8. Jon:

    Would you be willing to make some more Walleye Board pins for me? I haven't lost a board since I started using the ones you made for me 2 years ago. I could use 8 more and will pay what ever you need.

  9. Happy Birthday Son, sorry I forgot to call Saturday, Your Mom called me this morning and reminded me. Said she forgot to call too.

  10. Cliff I will be staying at the boat for the rest of the week if u want to fish I can use someone Thursday, my partner was given tickets to a tigers game and I will be alone gonna fish but could use some company for the morning

  11. Great Greg hope we can fish the Coho bite in late March or early april. Stay in touch, u can call me @ 269 929 4221


  12. Andy I got message see you on the lake or sooner If you want to hit St Joe with me I am getting the boat out of storage on the 29th will try to find a crew to go over on the 30th after i prep and load all the stuff on board. Then back to the canvas shop and a new aft cover befor we drop her in the following week.

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