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  1. Yes it was one of those silver ones. It was stolen in the Gobles area. It's hard to believe that someone would in the middle of daylight back up to the boat and unhook the motor disconnect the cables without cutting them. And take off. These people must feel pretty good about themselves. Now I need to get a Angry German Shepard that has aids to protect the house:lol:

  2. Keep your eyes open. Last Wednesday I had my thirty horse Honda fourstroke stolen while I was at work. It is a tiller longshaft. They stole the gas tank and the motor, they left everything else. You can mess with a mans lively hood but don't mess with his boat!!!!!:mad: If any info call me at 269-760-5972 Thanks,


  3. Another thing that repels mice are dryer sheets. One day I was fishing with dirty dog and our wifes. When we got back to the landing I docked my boat and was going to get the truck when I was hearing a loud scream and turned around to find one of our wifes screaming and dancing around frantically. It appeared I had a passanger Ralph aboard. I found a mouse nest in the most foward aft compartment. During storage I put three dryer sheets in every compartment and this took care of the mouse situation with no smelly moth ball scent.:)

  4. i use the same brine as priority 1 and make sure the water pan is full , i add i can of beer to the water and 2 apples sliced in quarters and keep it smokeing from the time you put it in till its done ,also i will spinke with a little brown suger when it is almost done

    Terry, That is alchohol abuse!:mad:

  5. I was soooo tired saturday that I had a hard time keeping my eyeballs open. Combination of the sun and rocking away sure made me sleepy. Terry, that was fun. Let's kick some butt in this coming ladies tournament!!!!( You better prep your wife, Mine is ready to rock and roll. I just need to hook up the IV bag with dramameen to her by wednesday:lol: )

  6. yeah, I sold the nymph last fall. I am dying to get this boat wet. I have been stuck in maryland for the last month. Maybe this week though!

    I am hoping to make the brown blast if possible!

    What kind of sea nymph?

  7. This morning I witnesed a car rolling over in the ditch!! The lady was ok but had to get back home to change her pants. Then what really makes me mad is when people get scared and drive 25 miles an hour even when 131 is just wet!!!!!!!!! They take up both lanes and don't even get over when there is 4 miles of traffic backed up behind them( come on now!!!).

  8. But you still can't beat the real stuff to light up the bigger fish.

    I agree with you 100% I love cut bait. I use kingfisher II and 11 inch hoochies with a teaser rig with good results. Even if the fish don't like it, it still brings them into the spread.

  9. Went fishing out of south haven yesterday and went 2-6:eek: Dirty dog and I caught 2 browns and lost 4. We were fishing the first and second trough. The hot lure was a husky jerk firetiger no.7 125 foot back on boards. It was WINDY and the water temps close to shore was running around 45 degrees. It was a good productive shake down(at least the skunk was kicked out of the cooler).:)

  10. Rich

    The only pink will be on the Caz Attack. I heard Knee Deep came over to your hause for a visit and you 2 made some fishing plans. As I recall of the radio conversation you were the only one he was interested in.:lol:


  11. What are you "fishing" for here Caz? Seems like you want people to tell you where to fish and what to run?

    Caz does just fine out fishing without reports from charters. He just want to hear how everyone is doing. I know quite a few charters out of South Haven that are full time charters and have the time to post reports and even have time to have a barley pop and discuss how their charter went.:(

  12. My guess would be about 1.8 million pounds of trout/salmon taken from Lake Michigan annually out of Michigan ports. That's a lot of fish. :eek:

    My estimate approximates that, on average, 0.3 fish are taken per hour per angler. I'm also guessing that the broad average size of a fish taken is 7.5lbs. And to add to the list of guesses, I'm approximating that charter excursions account for about 65% of the total number of fish taken from Lake Michigan.

    All of my guesses are just approximations on my part based on information I got from this DNR weblink:


    The weblink doesn't spell out any exact catch rates, so you can't just read the number of fish taken from Lake Michigan. The link does go into how charter reporting is used to delevope data to explain great lakes fishing. It also describes a study that is used to examine how to rate successful fishing. All the way at the bottom of the study are some tables created for several great lakes.

    Hey, there's a guess anyway.

    Isn't it ice-out yet??!!?? :)

    In your figures does that include the indians with their lovely fish nets?

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