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  1. I am currently going to use Inline boards on my new boat. For the last three years I used otter boats and did not have many lost fish and it sure is nice to not fight the board. I never saw any issues after catching fish I just put the line out again without pulling the longer ones first. Very seldom had any tangles with the big boards. I did buy a set of Z boards and I have missed my mast already. I will soon have both and the ability to fish with either I hope.

  2. I run copper and lead. I catch more fish on 17 color lead than copper. I run copper on 1 side of the boat and lead on the other. If I were buying 4 new rod setups I would buy 2 lead and 2 copper. Not sure what port you fish out of but in Montague the lake gets deep fairly quick. 450 copper is my longest copper but my 300 out fishes it.

  3. I have lost a rod and reel years ago with a plastic holder on a dipsey. I think the great lakes rod holders are the best for adjustability, strength and user friendly. I have Big Jon trees but for the dipseys I like to be able to pull the rod straight up before taking out of the holder. Only problem with the great lakes is finding someone that sells them.

  4. I would not fish without trees. I have built my own in the past. My last boat had Great Lakes Planers system and it worked great. I liked the adjustability they had. When the lake is rougher I like to move my rods aiming more towards the back. Only downfall was I had to adjust them every trip because they would hit my dock post when docking if I didnt swivle them back. My current boat is a hard top and I bought Big Jon TR4's. I like the more permant style mounting with the ability to swivel the whole tree for docking. I have the ability to build trees like either of the two mentioned above but my time is worth more than trees cost. You can buy a good set of 4 rod trees for less than $400. I suggest Lord Of the Riggers for Big Jons or Great Lakes Planers I believe they are sold on Ebay from Falcon. I have dealt with both and they are honest and expediant with shipment. And above all fair with price. I do work a full time job so I would rather spend my time off work fishing with my kids. It would take more than an evening to build comparable trees. I did not like the Berts style trees I built a few years back and would not consider another set that I could not adjust for conditions.

  5. The super copper comes off the reel more like lead core and doesnt rats nest if spooled too quickly. I ran 150, 300 and 450 last year with 300 being the best producer. I saw no differance between SC and regular copper as far as producing fish. Going to run all SC this year.

  6. Fished Friday morning 5 hours and was 11 for 13. Saturday morning fished 6-11 and was 12 for 18. Sunday morning fished 5:30 to 11 and was 9 for 13.

    Saturday was Armstrongs slip renters tournament. Congrat to Sea Marie for taking first and Noahgenda for taking second. The tournament was biggest 6 fish. Sea Marie had a box of 12.

    Flasher flies (green and blue) worked best for me along with moonshines double trouble and lemon ice, 100 to 120 fow 35 to 100 down. Broke my probe Friday when pulling lines so I had to fish all over. Cast will come off my wrist in 2 weeks.:no:

  7. Thank you everyone for your praise on my fish. I am pretty much done fishing for the year I broke my wrist severly at work Tuesday . That fish took more than a half hour to land. I am glad to report I talked with Noah Genda 25 yesterday before he fished and he caught two fish lastnight and four nice fish this morning. All in the shallow water where I was doing good the last time I fished. I hope in a few weeks I might be able to atleast drive my boat and instruct someone what I want to do. Until then please post your reports so I know someone is catching the fish when I cant.

  8. I fished alone Saturday morning and was 5 out of 7. Caught a decent king in 80 FOW and a decent steelhead in 210 FOW. I also caught 3 little kings. 2 where in 318 FOW and the other was in 220 FOW. Sunday evening I had 4 fish swim awy with some of my tackle. I did have a small hitchhiker that was pretty much drowned so I kept it. Then I caught a 23lb 12 ounce king in 35 FOW with a wire #1 dipsey set on 1.5 78 ft back. Priority 1 is going to post the picture for me I can not figure it out.

  9. I have removed all my Berts stuff and put on Michigan rod holders. I fish alot and the Berts ratchet system wore out and would dop my rod tip in the water with any wave action. I fished last year with michigan rod holders and had no issues. They are built with the keep it simple stupid method of engineering and I see nothing that can wear out. Never fished with Traxtech so I can not give you my oppinion on them. As for lead core I have a great lakes planers rod mast that works great and is adjustable. I also use large Big Jon otter boats wit an electric mast instead of inline boards. I believe my lures get more action.

  10. I fished Saturday and Sunday. Fished out to 320 fow on Saturday and only catch was a nice steelhead in 250 fow on a half core with a modified dolphin dreamweaver spoon. I saw alot of fish in the 175 to 150 depths so Suday that is where I fished. I went 6 for 8. 2 steelhead on half core with a modified dolphin, 3 kings on a bounty hunter down 110 foot and 1 laker that I put back because the season is closed. I caught the laker on NBK 100 down. All fish were caught between 150 and 120 fow. Temp was 60 on surface and 54 120 down. It was too warm for hunting. I like my deer to hang a few deers before butchering. Pulling boat out of slip soon but will fish through November.

  11. Fished out of whitelake on 10-04. The temp was 52 on the surface when I got to 150 fow and was colder towards shore. I fished from 40 to 200 thinking the fish would be in shallow with the colder water but did not find but a few fish on the graph all evening.Ended up going 3 for 3 in 150 to 170 fow. 1/2 core caught two and a rigger with 1/4 core set down 20 foot caught one. Still going to fish another month if I can find anyone that wants to go when I am not working or hunting.

  12. I fished last night out of Whitelake port. I was 14 for 17. The water is warm and I could not find a break until 100fow. I trolled from 100 to 200. Caught most of my fish 92 down in 130fow. The dreamweaver purple frog caught 3 on a 15 color core. 2 came on a moonshine fly behind a blue glow spin doctor on a magnum dipsey set on 1 200 back. 1 came on a green fly behind a carmel dolphin spin doctor mag dipsy set on 1 175 back. 4 came on a deadly weapon set 91 down with a Flintstone bounty hunter. 2 came on a moonshine Carbon 14 set down 110 on the rigger. The other two came on sliders. It was a foggy and 2-4 waves so I was only running 8 rods. No tangle ups. Was nice to get back out I have not been out for two weeks.

  13. That 20lb king would have won big fish if you would have been fishing Johnsons tournament. Big fish was 19. I was 8 for 14 on Saturday morning with the largest being 16lb. Lost one larger king at the boat because of inexperienced rod handler. The lake did get alot rougher than forcast I had one come slightler over the rear corner of my 20 foot boat. All in all a good day fishing.

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