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  1. I threw my z boards away and don't run the tx 44 boards I own. The z boards false release too much and the tx 44 boards are too hard to reel in with a big fish on. I run 5 boards on each side. Weight all the way forward on a walleye board will pull a 600 copper fine. I run3 dipseys on each side. Only time they ever tangle is if someone lets one out too fast. I do run a mag diver on inside rod. Number ones on 2nd and 3rd rods. I run rings only if I need depth. I do have 8 foot,9 foot and 10 foot rods and the holders are in a 4 foot long track. I use great lakes holders and have each rod at a slightly differrant angle.

  2. Make sure drag is tigh enough to hook the fish but loose enough for it to take some. Also attach a dipsey and let most wire out and reel it in. This will tightly spool the wire. A 1lb ball will do same. Wire that isnt tightly spooled will pull into itself and bind. Wire dipseys are by far my favorite fish catching set up. If enough people on my boat I run 6 dipseys. 4 being wire.

  3. I have taloras with swivel tips. I have fished taloras with out swivel tips. The swivel tips are a pricey addition to a great rod. But if you need longer than 8 foot its your only option. I run mag divers and have never had a problem with talora rods. Before I decided to spend the buck I broke 4 okuma blue diamond rods. I would suggest you save money by buying one rod. Eat the expense and be done. Shimano rods have a lifetime warranty that I doubt you will use. Convector reels are ok. I prefer the smoother tekotas though.

  4. I have found if you are catching small fish go deeper with your lures. I usually place well in tournaments because I fish near the bottom. I also fish out of the pack of boats. I have never told someone I am running long lines on the radio because of my fishing out of the pack. Deep dipsey divers produce big fish. The Dreamweaver is a great event with a great charity. My fish were all caught in 150 to 200 fow 100 plus down. Smallest of my allowed 15 was 11.5 lbs. Highest line was a 300 copper. Thats how I fish weigh 5 best tournaments.

  5. I run 45lb Morgans. I prefer the standard copper because the super copper frays and is a bigger pain than letting the standard copper out. I run lead on one side and copper on the other. My long lead cores are best producers on my boat. According to my fish hawk td probe my 17 color lead goes deeper than my 450 copper. All charts and people say differant but I have checked them many times on the same troll and day and speed. Copper is necessary if you want to expand your opportunities to catch fish.

  6. Frank I slowed my boat to 1.5 mph in 4 foot seas and my raymarine sport pilot 5r could only keeps its course with the waves. I didnt put a bag in the water. That probably would have helped. I told you I would try it so I am giving you my report on it. The wind does catch my hard top. Now at a 2.5.troll it will keep its line in 8 foot seas all directions.

    Keep catching those fish Frank.

  7. Frank, I have a Raymarine SPX5R that has never faulted. I am sure if you ran two trolling bags it would work at 1 mph. I know at 2.5 mph it controls my boat fine in 10 foot seas. Best money I have ever spent on the JUST-N-TIME. Never had the boat driven as well as my Raymarine does. I spent a little less than $1600 on it. Bethel marine in Florida.

  8. I always run three on a side. I go deep with first one mag diver with ring set on 1 with 8 foot rod wire line. Se cond is wireline mag diver set on 2 no ring and I let it out further than first one its on a 9 foot rod. Third one I use 10 foot rod number 1 dipsey eith a spoon. Usually run this 90 foot back. I also run lead core and copper and make sure my boards are out past where this dipsey is. I have an auto pilot that is great. Would never want someone to drive that couldnt drive fairly straight with multiple dipseys. Catch alot of fish on the hi dipsey. No mater what water temp is.

  9. I sharpen all hooks. If I have a problem I switch to owners. I have had alot of problems with hooks on yeck spoons coming apart. They are sharp out the package but big fish pull them apart. Yeck I believe uses VMC hooks. I sharpen with an india stone.

  10. I have friends with rigger over outdrive and they have no issues. I monted three riggers on my boat the way you would mount 4. Just left one space open for netting. I run my probe off rear facing rigger. I wouldnt put it on rigger over outdrive. Things happen and you loose a probe, cannonball and prop.

    Having the open spot for netting has worked great and the extra space for not being over outdrive is priceless.

  11. I had a nils power auger that wouldnt drill after 4 holes. They didnt warrenty the cutting head so now I have a strikemaster lazer pro. Ergonomically it is much nicer than the nils. Nils is quiter though. Jiffys are loudest from what I have seen. I really like the solo engine that strikemaster uses. Starts with one or two pulls and the lazer auger really drills. They sell a lazer mag for around $450.

  12. I have charters Friday morning and evening and Saturday morning. I will be up to date with where the fishing is best and what colors are working. Message me or ask on channel 68 vhf. I have been catching alot of fish with northport nailer Belding bait. It is black white silver and orange. Big weenie blue or green fusion flys have been hot behind stinger frog plates. Water was warm this morning but fish were still biting good.

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