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  1. I sent you shirt sizes not for sure of my crew. If i can i need to change the sizes. I talked to priority 1 tonight and he need a 2xl and so does his friend. I need a 3xl if available. I am willing to buy a small for my daughter if possible. Thanks Mike

    Just In Time

  2. Don is working on the docks. When you putting the boat in?

  3. Rick said you have a lure that you guys do not know what it is. Send me some pictures and I will help to identify. He said you guys call it the port sheldon spoon.

  4. Frank,

    I finally have the Thompson hard top ready to fish. I put pictures of it under boats I do not see the img file to post pictures on a forum. Really need to take some time to figure this site out. I read the tutorial. Getting inspected today from the DNR for chartering. I will try to figure it out again later. But you can look at the pictures if you want to see my hardtop. I will start posting reports soon. Thanks Mike

  5. Randy,

    I have my boat ready to fish. I posted a couple pictures under boats. In a few weeks you should come fish White lake port on my boat. Mike I need a couple weeks to figure the local program out.

  6. Thanks Frank. I figured out how to post pictures today so i hope to keep posting reports. Mike

  7. Frank,

    I am staying in the Econo lodge this Thursday through Sunday in Augres.Keeping boat in Marina in Standish. Going to try walleye fishing in the bay again. Lost your number through multiple phone changes some how. We will stop and have cold one with you if you get me your number. I am sure I could find the house but dont stop places un announced. Mike JUST-N-TIME www.justintimefishingcharters.com.

  8. Chasing walleye in saginaw bay this week end. Salmon slowed down a bit right now.

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