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  1. Some one tell me where to order big glow beads!

    My source was Purple Taco, but that dried up last year.

    Trout Beads has a variety of sizes, including a large 14mm. I buy from him now and they are better than most out there, but they don't glow quite as long as the beads that Purple Taco used to carry.

    Hope this helps.


  2. I have a Garmin GPSMAP chart plotter on the boat and prefer a smaller separate fish finder. I'm looking to replace my fishfinder and this Garmin and HB both look impressive from the ads and reviews. But always good to get comments from someone who has used them for salmon.

    Any experience with these units?

    Show rigger balls beneath the boat?

    Track bottom well?

    Show fish while at speed?

    Or spend twice as much and get the Furuno FCV627?



  3. Beautiful fish Andy. And love those smiles.:D

    Things are still very slow on the north shore. Was at Fairport last weekend and had a nice fish on a 10 color and Moonshine Sarge, that was breaking water immediately. No doubt a nice steelie that seemed as big as yours. Were we surprised when we boated the fish, a 14# king:confused: I haven't had one do that before.

    Anyway, thanks again Andy. That's a trophy!

  4. Got my hands on a few of these and finally got to try them. The helped dial into the fish by not having to re-tie to change fly patterns, just slide over the knot and try a longer or shorter lead.......longer was better for us.

    Small blue/silver has been a solid coho performer even when our Howie peanut flies failed so that's a plus. Took a nice 15 lb king behind a spin dr on a rigger for us in Algoma this past weekend during our Child's Wish outing.

    Will keep running them and posting results if anyone's interested.

    Appreciate the feedback Mark. The regular size Eyeflies worked very well for those who tried them in 2010. I made and did limited distribution of the smaller versions for this spring as a test. They worked well in Lake Superior too, both the blue/silver and the blue/chartreuse. Will likely add them to the website for next spring.


  5. Torker, all the comments here about the line counters on reels also apply to your downriggers.

    If your rigger balls show up on your sonar, set your counters to a common depth you fish per the sonar. Or you can measure on the ground to a common depth, say 60', set your counters to that depth with the line pulled to it, and then bring it in.

    You'll be surprised when you retrieve the line and the counter says some odd number instead of 0. But at least if you want to go to 60', you know that setting is accurate and can "adjust" up or down from there.

  6. I thought I had too many rods, but man, I don't hold a candle compared to some of you guys:D

    2-300 copper 45#

    2-10 color

    2- 5 color

    2- 2 color(SWR)

    2- wire dipsies

    2- braid dipsies

    4- 20# rigger rods

    2- 12# rigger spoon rods

    1- spinning rod

    19 total - good thing my wife won't see this post :no:

  7. I picked up a pair of big dadys at gr.sports show. I wanted the brothers but big dadys were same price of $52 out the door.I am not impressed with the push pin release ,but after reading on here i will replace it before it hits water.But I was very surprised how hard they were to find, only one booth had them and they were in back row and at foot height, not advertised very well or displayed good.My wife drives boat alot and ,well, the boat turns alot!lol I wanted to try these as the wide spread hopefully will allow me to spend less time untangeling lines and enjoying fishing..

    I have 4 Church's, and picked up a pair of Big Daddy's last year. After changing that front release, they quickly became my favorites. I'm sure you will like them.

  8. I chuckled when I read the response from Supertramp. ( chuckle now but not at the time!)

    Last year was the first year I ran copper and I ended with 3 balls of it that got tangled with dipsies, from trying to run it too close to the boat. His suggestion is a good one, but don't run it any closer either!

    Glad I didn't give up on it though, as the results running 300' copper are awesome.

  9. I grew up in SW PA and have been a lifelong Steeler fan. Went to Green Bay for the weekend to watch the game with my son and daughter that live there, and some of their friends, so we had a fun time in a "mixed" crowd. Out to a local bar Friday night in Steeler garb and enjoyed some good natured ribbing too:thumb:

    It was a great game except for the turnovers, which were caused by a great Packer defense. Have to give the Pack credit for playing a great game, and for having such a great fan base.

    Being a Yooper, at least my "2nd" favorite team won!

    P.S. Yes, I kind of snuck out of town today in my Steeler jacket:lol:

  10. I have some of each but really like the Pro Chip I have a lot of Spin Doctors but could sell them and not miss em much. I don't think we caught a single fish with a Spin Doctor last season. I keep saying this to pretty much everyone find what works for you and how you fish and build your program around it. There are hundreds of little things that cause fish to bite and often you might have something bringing them into your spread that they don't bite but they bite something else right up till you pull the thing that attracted them to begin with. So I will often leave my spread intact if we are getting fish even if it looks like I have a couple of dead rods in the water. Many times we have pulled the dead rod only to have the whole spread go dead so in fact it was not a dead rod it just was not getting hit. 33 trips last season worst trip was 3 fish so not a bad season.

    Good stuff. Thanks.

    I bought several of the VK articulated flashers last spring and thought they were going to be the ticket. Didn't work that way:no: Spin Doctors were hot for me and since I make the Eyeflies, that's what I run of course. #3, 5, 8, 18, and 21 were best for me overall. But a few days the #19 Juvil Eye , which is extreme UV, run 40" behind a large paddle and the deepest set in the spread was the ticket.

    But over all, the Spin Doctors worked best. Now I have to pick up a few Protrolls for this year :grin:

  11. 11in Pro Troll white with blue crinkle with a white UV fly I make ran it all season and took a lot of fish on it. Also a ProTroll 8in UV paddle with UV no see em style fly I make, we make tons of changes so only a few things stay down very long the big Pro Troll board is almost always down unless we send down a different 11in Pro troll board and fly like a Wonder bread which also takes fish no matter what fly is behind it. I really don't bother to name my flies or try to copy other flies I just keep mixing stuff and seeing what it will catch.

    My box is full of Spin Doctors, VK's, Flodgers, Dodgers, and Dreamweavers but no Protrolls. 1 Maniac, I see they have Prochip and Hotchip Protrolls. Your recommendation?



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