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  2. Good luck. I've got a trip scheduled to June 7 & 8.
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  4. Just wondering if anyone is headed to the bay this coming weekend?? We are leaving Thursday night and will be fishing till Sunday afternoon. Anyone have updates on conditions as far as what's working best atm. See ya on the bay
  5. Good job Tarrey. Only loosing one fish is good with novices on board.
  6. Good job. We had a very similar experience to yours in St Joe on Saturday. Fished in 90-115 early with only 3 fish to show for our efforts, then slid out to 120-160 around lunch for our next nine fish. We pulled lines at 2:30, but could have kept catching fish as we were taking fish even as we were pulling lines. Like you everything was getting hit from 14' down to 75'. Green was definitely the preferred color.
  7. Awesome box! Thank you for the great detailed report. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. This report was for May 18 by the way. Sent from my LG-Q710AL using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  9. Left the pier head at 6 am. It was a wet ride out to 60 fow. The bow would splash into a wave and the strong N wind would blow it into the boat. Started 0 - 2 with hits coming in 92 and 107 fow on our NW troll. Had our first king in 113 fow. We fished 100 - 125 fow in the early am, but eventually started working 125 - 150 from noon until weather pushed us off the lake at 4. Later in the day, 135 - 145 was the best water. Took 6 kings and 5 lakers, even though we didn't target lakers. Missed some nice kings. Big fish was 24 pounds. 100 Cu took 3, 200 Cu and 250 Cu also took fish. (All my Cu lines also include 1 color of On.) Riggers, high and wire divers also took fish. Basically worked from the 100 Cu down to 80' down and took fish everywhere in between there. Speed was 2.5 - 2.7 @ the ball. NBK blue flounder pounder and green flounder pounder had the most hits. Moonshine UV orange took a nice king. Kevin's GF Sprin doctor and meat took 2. Blue spring doctor and fly took 2. Most hits were on spoons and the favorite colors contained green. Sent from my LG-Q710AL using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Did this sell? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Is the planer board mast still available Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Is this still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. Last week
  14. 11-12. 4 kings, 6 lakers and 12 lb Steelhead. Tossed a small laker and King back. Excited new guy got broke off on a big king. My fault, I did a better job of coaching him on the rest of his fish. Dropped lines in 60' and trolled out to that same 90'-115' area we did so good on Monday and back in to 90' but only had 3 fish to show for our efforts by 11:30. Thought about going in because I saw boats in 50'-60' on our way out, But I decided to head out and started catching fish immediately upon hitting 130'. Kept going to 160', but turned back because we were running out of time. Could have stayed longer and kept catching fish out there. We were still catching fish even as we were pulling lines. 30 min wait at the fish cleaning station. 1/2 core, full core, 200 and 300 Cu. all worked. My tin can dodger with the green prism tape and spin and glow on the deep down rigger got hot again taking 4 fish along with RV Moonshine Flounder Pounder, UV Blue Dolphin, UV Jager Bomb spoons. My custom pink painted spoons only took one and the big king that broke off.
  15. Great job. Think I'll be heading that way as soon as the king bite dies off between St. Joe and South Haven.
  16. Thanks for the great report! Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. Good call. Have caught myself looking at that net in the rear view mirror once already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Looks like an awesome setup. One word of advice... don't forget your net in the vertical post when leaving the launch. Don't ask me how I know. LOL
  19. Blue or Green flounder pounder??? Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  20. Nice catch, we had a good jig bite in Michigan waters in April and early May but I'm sure I'll switch to trolling my next trip there.
  21. Great catch John. How big were the waves? Sent from my SM-J737A using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  22. I know the kings have been hot but me and a couple friends spent the last few days fishing out of Port Clinton for walleye. Lots of fish and finally a few days of no wind or rain. We ran bandits back 70-95, fished the area between Kelly’s and Bass islands for the guys familiar with that area. Easy 3 man limits the last two days with plenty of throw backs afterwards.
  23. Thanks for the great report. We will be out Saturday.
  24. Left the city launch at 6:50 am and proceeded to 130 FOW straight out of the harbor. Turned North with waves to set lines and Immediately got a rigger bite @ 60 down with a mag Flounder Pounder but didn't hook up. Had a small Lake Trout hit a Spin Doctor (Atomik Chrome Killer)/fly (green) on wire diver 135 back but came off near the boat. Boated a nice laker on the Flounder Pounder down 60 before turning to the South. Took another bigger Laker on the spinny/fly wire diver. 300 copper fired with a good King on a Jager Bomb. No sooner then got that in the boat and the other wirediver with a super slim Get er Done spoon got crushed and bent one of the hooks straight. Nabbed and released another nice Laker on the spin/fly combo. Removed rod from lineup. Took a 20lb. King on the Flounder Pounder before the bite shut down. Pulled lines and ran North a couple miles but only managed one more small Laker (dragger) when reeling in one of the riggers. SOG was all over the place but best down speed was 2.9. Returned to dock at 11:40 am.
  25. Fished the shore to the south last night. Beautiful water, stain, nice chop, some clouds, 51-54 degrees. Had a good rip on a monkey puke stinger off a one color about a mile south but it got loose. Then we ran into cat tails and junk, at first so bad it was hard to troll, then so bad we could not even drive the boat. Had to pack up and run out to 25' to get clean enough water to troll back. Nothing out there.
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